Getting your IUD

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Mirena, Jaydess and Copper IUDs

Choose which IUD

Once you have been booked for your IUD insertion, the pre-insertion IUD sheet will be emailed or sent to you. This can help you decide which type of IUD you wish to use.

Prescription for IUD

Once you know which type of IUD you wish to have inserted, then you need a prescription for the IUD. This prescription can be faxed to a pharmacy for you by our clinic.

This prescription will allow you to pick up an IUD from a pharmacy. You must then make arrangements to pay for the IUD and have it delivered to the Medical Arts Centre prior to your appointment date.

Deliver IUD to clinic

It is preferable to have the IUD delivered to us direct from your pharmacy, so we can confirm you have sourced an IUD and you avoid mislaying the IUD or forgetting it on the day of your appointment.

Also, because the IUD remained within the ‘custody’ of the pharmacist and the doctor’s office, you could receive a full refund if you change your mind about the insertion.

Central Drugs Pharmacy

495 Dunsmuir Street, Nanaimo, V9R 6B9, BC

Main Phone: 250 753 6401
Fax: 250 753 6487

The Medical Arts Centre has made special arrangements with the Central Drugs pharmacy on Dunsmuir St. They have agreed to hold extra stock of the types of IUDs inserted at the clinic.

This pharmacy is located close to the clinic and has agreed to deliver your IUD (at no extra cost to you) to our clinic prior to your insertion date.

It may also be possible to have finance options or a payment plan with this pharmacy.

Call Medical Arts Centre for an appointment

Call 250-741-0447 or 250-753-3431 and make an IUD clinic appointment for insertion.