IUD Clinic

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Various IUD devices

The Medical Arts Centre is pleased to be able to offer an IUD insertion clinic as a regular service.

Intrauterine devices are an excellent choice for contraception in all women of child bearing age (14-55 years), whether they have been pregnant or not!

This clinic will (subject to availability) be on Tuesday afternoons.

Insertions can be done as a single visit or with a pre-insertion counselling visit before if patient desires 

See the documents on the right side of this page for further details and information about this form of contraception and how to arrange for an appointment for more information or an IUD insertion.

Appointments can be made by referral from your family physician or by self-referral.

To be contacted back by our office for an appointment – click the link on the right side of this page

Space will be kept available for IUD insertions as an emergency form of birth control – it is 99% effective up to 7 days after 1st unprotected sexual intercourse