Other Appointment Related Information

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Diagnostic Results

The doctor or his/her staff will notify you of test results if they are abnormal or if a follow up visit is required. Time does not allow us to notify patients of all normal results. If you are concerned about your results, please book a brief appointment to discuss them with your doctor.

Forms & Legal Documents

Please complete fully and sign your forms in the appropriate places before presenting them to your doctor. An appointment will often be necessary to complete forms. A fee will be charged for this, as the Medical Services Plan does not pay for time spent completing forms.

Holidays & Continuing Medical Education

Your doctor will occasionally be away from his/her practice while attending educational seminars and workshops. In this way, we hope to give the highest possible level of care to our patients. While your doctor is away for this or any other reason, or for a vacation, his/her practice will be covered by other doctors in the clinic.

Medical Certificates

Doctors notes cannot be issued over the phone. You must make an appointment to see your physician

Prescription Policy

By attending the Medical Arts Centre, you accept that your doctor here may also review medication prescribed to you by other doctors, in accordance with good medical practice. This information is made available to your doctor by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. through the “PharmaNet System”. See the ‘What is Pharmanet’ section of the website.

Prescription Refills

Prescription refills will not be renewed by telephone, unless by previous arrangement with your doctor. Please bring all your medications in to the office for “follow-up” visits when they will be renewed for the time period to cover you until your next assessment.

See the ‘medication renewal by phone’ page in the website for the clinic policy of phone-in prescription refills.

Services Offered

  • 24hr blood pressure monitoring
  • Diabetic Counselling
  • ECGs
  • Ear syringing (though on the weekend this may not be possible)
  • Immunizations
  • Minor Surgical Procedures (wound suturing as a walk-in patient)
  • Wound care and dressings

Telephone Calls

When you believe a call rather than appointment is indicated for a particular problem, the inquiry will be referred to the doctor’s secretary or nurse for appropriate evaluation and recommendation. The doctor’s advice will be forwarded to you by return call. Please do not expect the doctor to leave a patient being examined to answer the telephone each time the office is called, as this is unfair to the patient under treatment.

Please try to make your calls in the morning or early afternoon rather than towards the evening.
For your information, doctors are not paid for time spent on the telephone.

Uninsured Services

Please realize that many services are not covered by the Medical Services Plan. You will be informed of the appropriate fee for the service before that service is rendered.

Violent and Abusive Behaviour

The practice will not tolerate any violent or abusive behaviour shown towards its doctors, staff or patients. Should this occur, offenders will be requested to leave the premises and/or the police will be notified. Any recurrent violent and abusive behaviour will result in patients being removed from the practice list.