Rapid Access Time (RAT) Appointments

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The physicians and staff at the Medical Arts centre believe that it is important that patients see their own Physicians for as many of their problems as possible. To improve access, the physicians at Medical Arts Centre are modifying their scheduling system and creating some “same day” bookings, which we call “Rapid Access Time” appointments or, “RATs” for short. These are appointments that can only be booked on the day the patient calls. All physicians will have a selection of same-day and pre-booked visits. For most problems, please call in as early as you can for your same-day “RAT” visit and we will see you that day.

“RAT” appointments can be used for both urgent medical problems that need rapid attention, as well as for reviewing test results, prescriptions and routine medical problems. These visits are shorter, (five to ten minutes long), and meant to deal with ONE urgent problem only. These visits will be time limited, so as to avoid inconveniencing other patients by running late. If the patient has a list of different complaints, the doctor will help the patient select the most worrisome concern and deal with that concern the day of the visit. The expectation is that the patient will return either at future dates to whittle away at the list of their other issues at other brief encounters, at a future pre-booked visit, or both.

Pre-booked visits can be made in advance, as before. These are generally used for patients with chronic conditions, for those who need minor surgery or who need longer medical examinations such as scheduled checkups, Drivers Medicals, etc. Chronic conditions may include diabetes, heart disease, COPD, or Mental Health Issues.

To call for a “RAT” appointment, you will need to know which days your doctor works, and call for your “RAT” appointment on one of those days. Our appointment telephone line is 250 741 0447 and is answered from 8:30 until 5:00 pm on usual working days, Mondays to Fridays.

Thank you!
From the Physicians, Nurses and Medical Office Assistants at the Medical Arts Centre.