Patient Scheduling Policy

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We understand that your time is valuable and to avoid delays often experienced in doctors’ offices, we require your cooperation.

The reason for your visit

This should be given to the receptionist when you call for an appointment, so that the proper amount of time can be scheduled for your visit. Please indicate if your visit is related to an ICBC WCB claim, or for an non-insured service, such as examinations for Driver’s Licenses, Pre-employment or Camp medicals.

Confidentiality will continue to be respected. If you feel uncomfortable discussing your problem with the appointments secretary, please say so, but try to indicate if you will need a long or short visit.


Many of our doctors will automatically request a chaperone service for intimate exams. If you would like a chaperone for your visit please inform the front desk on booking the appointment.

Number of problems

Each appointment is designed to deal with one specific problem. If you have more than one problem, and are unsure which is the most important, please bring a list in to the doctor, who can help you decide which is the most important. The doctor will also advise you if time allows consideration of more than one problem, or if you will need to book further appointments.

Drop-in Patients

In order to be fair to our pre-booked patients, drop-in patients cannot be seen at once unless it is a true emergency. Non-emergencies will be required to book for the next available free appointment space. We realize that many of you desire to have a specific doctor responsible for your care. This is our desire as well. However, in an emergency, if your preferred doctor is unable to see you, you will be seen by the first available doctor.

Late arrivals

Please try to be on time for your appointment. It is not fair to other patients who will subsequently be kept waiting when you are late. When the office is heavily booked, you may have to forfeit your appointment and re-book.


Please notify the receptionist as soon as you realize that you will be unable to keep your appointment, as another patient could then be accommodated in that time slot.

Missed Appointments

Despite our best efforts, we all forget appointments at times. However, if you miss more than two appointments, you will be contacted and may be charged a fee for the missed visit.

When the doctor is late

Emergencies, baby deliveries or very sick people will occasionally delay the doctor. When this happens, we will make every effort to contact you as soon as possible, in order to reschedule your appointment.

When the office is closed

As is commonplace in modern medical practice, the doctors in this clinic share after-hours and weekend-call with other doctors in Nanaimo. If you have an emergency after clinic hours, please go to the emergency ward of the Nanaimo Regional Hospital located at 1200 Dufferin Crescent.

Should you have an urgent matter, The Medical Arts Centre on call physician can be reached by calling the switchboard at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital at 250-755-7691.