Uninsured Services

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The Medical Services Plan covers medically necessary treatments. It does not cover certain types of forms and visits.

If you are not sure if your required document or service is covered or payable privately please ask one of our staff – we have a list of insured and uninsured services which can be made available to you.

Here are some examples of uninsured medical services:

  • Sick notes for school or employers – the Walk-In clinic is not able to issue forms for school or employers, your family physician in a routine appointment may be able to issue a note for you, however it is an uninsured service. Note requests by employers are not considered appropriate unless the illness is unusually prolonged (the BC Medical Association recommends 5 days). If you are sick with a self-limiting illness and you would not have otherwise seen a doctor, then the visit and form are not paid for by MSP and are an uninsured service (a fee will be applied).
  • Annual or periodic medical checkup – only where no disease or symptoms are present, except when screening for certain disease states (e.g. cardiovascular risk, cancers).
  • All third party forms (medical-legal services, examinations for employment, insurance, driving, diving, sports, school etc). Driver’s medicals are covered in some circumstances (e.g. certain medical disease states).
  • Cosmetic removal of moles or warts – Liquid Nitrogen is an insured service only for the treatment of painful warts, plantar and genital warts and and all warts for children under the age of 15.
  • Prescription renewals by phone or fax – see our policy on ‘Medication refills by phone’.