Preparing For Pregnancy

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If you are planning pregnancy, you will, of course, need to stop your birth control. Regardless of your birth control type, you can safely stop using this at any time. If you have an IUD in place, see your care provider to have this removed.

We encourage you to speak to your physician regarding healthy lifestyle choices for you and your family prior to pregnancy if you are able. If you do not have a family physician, our maternity providers at Medical Arts are happy to see you to discuss this.

Pregnancy and planning for a pregnancy can be an exciting, confusing or challenging time (often a combination of the three at once). Our maternity providers at Medical Arts Centre want to help you navigate through these and provide you with the best experience possible through your pregnancy, delivery and time with your new baby.

We offer complete obstetrical care during your pregnancy as well as a Mom and Baby group after your delivery to help aid in your transition as a parent.

We look forward to joining you and helping you through your pregnancy experience.